Top Ten Tips for Saving Money With Coupons

If you want to become an extreme couponer here are a few tips that might help you get there.  These tips have come from several extreme coupon sites and are the most common.

1) Make sure you have a good coupon organizer.  This is essential.  Organization is definitely the key to being able to maximize your savings using coupons.  Any extreme couponer will tell you that one of the reasons they are successful using coupons to save money is because they are very good at keeping track of their coupons.  This all starts with a good coupon organizer

2) Write your name and number on your coupon organizer.  Nothing will sink you faster as a couponer than to loose your coupon book.  Often these are found by someone in the store or store personnel.   Hopefully should you lose it you’ll get it back.

3) Only use coupons for items that you can use, buying things just to buy them is somewhat wasteful.  If you want to do that you might consider donating the items to a local shelter, a school or other such place.

4) If you have coupons you won’t use, you might take them with you and place them by the items so someone else may benefit from the coupons

5) Whenever possible only use coupons at stores that accept double or triple coupons.  If you don’t have one of those stores then you should make sure you are aware of all specials so you can get the most value out of your coupons.

6) Don’t use expired coupons, some stores may still accept them, but if they do slip through the store may not get credit for them and that equals a loss for them and might prompt them to tighten up their coupon policy

7) If you have a coupon that says Good on Any Size or One Any Size are good for buying trial size items often for free.  If not use them to buy the smallest size you can get so that you will have the most savings.

8) Combine your coupon savings with rebates to increase your savings even more.  Sometimes you can get buy 5 items from this group and get an extra $5 off your next trip, that’s a good deal especially if you have a coupon.

9) Subscribe to several newspapers so you get a mix of coupons.  If you need to have multiple coupons you might look at using a clipping service as it could be cheaper than the cost of multiple newspaper subscriptions.

10) Have several computers and email addresses so that you can get multiple online coupons since some coupons are only allowed to be printed one time from a single computer.

If you have some tips that you think should be added to this website feel free to submit a comment as we’d love to add your tips to our website.


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