To Get the Sunday Paper for Coupons or Not?


Should you get the Sunday Paper for Coupons?

This is a question that I get asked from quite a few people.  Unfortunately there isn’t a clear cut answer.  If the question was “Are there good coupons in the Sunday Paper” then the answer would be easy, yes that’s a good place to get coupons.

What you really need to think about when it comes to getting the Sunday paper just to get coupons is whether or not the savings you will get from it will exceed the cost for paying the subscription.

I get 2 of the sunday papers as we get a lot of items that we donate as a tax write-off (Note that will be another article as it’s another one couponers often ask me about).   These 2 sunday papers are in no way the main lot of coupons we get but it does amount to some decent coupons.  Often there are coupons for new products in there at a really good price.  This weekend it’s the new shaver coupon, you know that shaver that works better than the new shaver you bought 6 months ago with a coupon claiming to be the best shaver ever.  LOL.  It’s a viscious circle.

Mostly getting these coupons are good if you know what’s on sale at your local grocery stores so that you can pair your coupons up with store specials.  One example was $1 off any 3 chunky soup coupons.  The local store had them on sale $10 for a dollar without a coupon so you were already saving about $2.39 a can, then you got one of those free using this chucnky soup coupons.

All in all I say if there is anything else in the Sunday paper you like then it’s probably worth getting for the coupons as a bonus.  If you are only getting it for the value of the coupons it’s probably not worth it.

Most if not all of these coupons you can get either from a coupon clipping service or via ebay as almost all of these go up for sale on ebay.  If the price is right get them and start saving money.

Thanks for taking the time to ask questions to those of you who have written me.  Questions like these make it easier for me to decide what to write about


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