Restaurant Coupons, Never Pay Full Price

Couponing doesn’t have to be just things you buy at grocery stores.  With the advent of restaurant sites on the internet also comes the allure of coupon dining.   If you look you can find free restaurant coupons online.  If you search ebay you will find a lot of discount restaurant coupons.  They range from things like free appetizers to buy one get one free entrees.   It’s just taking time to look for them before you choose where to go out to eat.

Another great place to find restaurant coupons is on restaurant websites.  They often have some sort of newsletter or sign up which will get you free dining coupons.  Red Robin coupons are great and they come often in my email.  I am currently in New York and a simple search for NYC restaurant coupons yielded me several good choices.   Because of these coupons I was able to save a good amount of money and could afford to go to a more expensive restaurant.

Outback steak house always has free appetizer coupons, so does Lonestar Steak House.   I keep going back to them because of these deals they offer.

As a couponer I would recommend you get several email addresses as you will eventually end up on a list and start getting a bunch of junk mail so you don’t want that to be your main email address that your friends and family all know.

Often you can even get restaurant coupons online while you are at a restaurant.  Look online while you are at a place to see if they have any mobile coupons, these are often codes you can give to your server and get discounts or freebies.

This all adds up, and if you don’t use them who will, it’s almost foolish not to use restaurant coupons when there are so many available.  Your money is hard to come by I assume so it’s best to make it stretch as far as possible.

One other area to watch for coupons is to look on the back of reciepts.  They often have something like tell us how we are doing and they offer you a free product, discount or even a potential cash prize for it.   Pizza Hut does this, Chick-fil-a does it and so do many others.  Some of them offer a free item just for completing their survey.

Baskin Robins has one where if you come back in that same day you can get a buy one get one free ice cream coupon.   I try and avoid that one as it’s way to tempting, but still a good deal.  If you have a family, go get one early then come back with more people and you’ll get extreme coupon savings.

As you read these articles one thing that I commonly put in them is that you have to think before you act on items.   Always look for coupons before you go.  Whether you save a few percent or even more, the fact of the matter is, it’s your money that you are saving and the companies want you to come in, so you aren’t milking the system by using coupons you are just giving them the opportunity to grow their business.

If you have any other tips on restaurant coupons please feel free to leave me a comment.


One thought on “Restaurant Coupons, Never Pay Full Price

  1. Thanks for posting this. I use coupons regularly but would never have thought to look for restaurant coupons like this before going out.

    That’s a great coupon tip.

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