More ways to find local coupons

As a couponer one of the most important tools in your arsenal is to know the best places to find coupons.  We all know about the obvious places like newspapers, circulars and mailed coupons.  If you are ever going to be an extreme couponer you will need to learn about other sources of coupons where you can get them in bulk or buy specific coupons that meet your specific needs.

As many of you know is a good place to find coupons in bulk.  The key to using a source like ebay is to be able to search for specific items and make sure that the results match your needs.  Common coupons seem to diminate any search, things like pet foot and baby related items seem to be the most popular so being able to exclude them really help.  The easiest way to do this is to put a minus sign in front of whatever term you want to exclude such as -forumula would remove any listing that has the word formula in it.  You can also save your searches to be used later.  I’ve made some pretty complex ones to narrow down buy one get one free coupons to only items I might use.

Other places to look for coupons are clipping services.  There are many clipping services where you can buy specific coupons at a discounted price.  Often you can get things like a 50 cent coupon for 5 or 6 cents.  You are spending a bit to get the coupon but it’s advantageous because you can often buy in massive quantities and couple that with in store coupons and you now have to ability to get larger quantities when things are on sale.  If you read some of the other articles on the site we have a list of some of the best coupon clipping services that we try and update frequently to help you find the best coupon deals.

Another way to save money is by joining coupon clubs or groups.  These are often one of the best sources of coupons.  A group of people will often have access to more coupons that can be shared amongst each other.  This often works really well since couponers come from different areas and a coupon may be printed and distributed in California but the product may not be on sale there.  But you might live in Ohio and have a store with something on sale that would not have a local coupon so you can have access to that California coupon to access the greatest savings.

Finally there are companies out there that get bulk coupons and or specific store coupons that are in your area.  You can find a good listing of these at   This is a great place to start your search for sites that provide local coupons and or specific store coupons.  We have used quite a few of these sites and find that most of them are really good and worth signing up for.  One of these sites, is great for getting local coupons.  Using sites like this really does help you to diversify your couponing into areas that you may not make use of.

If you take advantage of all of these couponing services you will be able to make the most of your couponing efforts.

If you have any good tips that you are willing to share please feel free to comment below.

Good couponing!

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