How to Save Money Using Coupons

Saving money on coupons is actually really easy.  Unfortunately most people think that saving money with coupons only means getting the Sunday paper to get coupons.  Couponing has come a long way thanks to the internet and online coupons.  It used to be you only had just that one source for coupons.  Now you have couponing clubs, coupon exchanges, online coupons, coupon clipping services and a lot more.

A new couponer needs to take the time to learn what’s available out there and how to use it.  Most people will never become like those on TLC’s Extreme Couponing but they can save a lot of money on groceries using many couponing techniques.

Our goal is to help you learn tips and tricks to use coupons to help save you money at grocery stores, restaurants and a lot more.

Below you will find several tips that will get you started on a couple of these paths.

1) If you are going out to eat, ALWAYS go to the restaurants website to see if they have coupons.  Many will give you coupons just for joining their mailing lists.   Beware though that you don’t want to sign up using your regular email, go to gmail, hotmail or whatever and get a spare email just for this.  Even if you only get a free appetizer, if they are $8.00 each and you spend $50 on dinner you made nearly 20% savings

2) Check eBay.  Ebay has tons of people selling coupons every day.  The trick is to weed the list down.  You can save your searches which helps.  When you get a coupon search done the way you want SAVE IT so you can run it on a regular basis.

3) Learn what stores will price match with other stores.  This often can save you from going to several stores to find your items, so you are already saving money using coupons since you are using less gas

4) Watch for and learn coupon and product trends.  Things tend to be on sale at certain times of year, if you get to know these you will be able to maximize your coupon savings even more during those times.  If you have coupons without an expiration date, save those for these times.

We’ll be adding more tips as time goes on but this is a good start.

One thought on “How to Save Money Using Coupons

  1. I have used eBay to get coupons a lot but never thought to look for the inserts. That’s helpful. I’ll add a few more of the tips I use later.

    Thanks for doing this

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