Do You Groupon?

So by now if you are online at all you’ve heard of Groupon.  You’ve either seen ads for it, gotten emails or have already signed up to get the latest Groupon deals.

If you haven’t signed up you need too, but you also need to make sure a deal is really a deal.

In the last year or two Groupon has really expanded from just local coupon offers to offering coupons regionally and even internationally.  For instance I just got a Groupon coupon for travel to places in Mexico and Spain.   At first glance they really look like good deals and if I was planning a vacation I would certainly consider using one of these.

They also offer a lot of local coupon deals such as bowling coupons, sun tanning coupons, spa coupons, restaurant coupons and a lot more.  Some of them are great coupon deals.

As with all coupons though you need to make sure you are getting a deal.  I got a Groupon coupon for an electric helicopter that looked like a good deal.  When I went to the page it looked like indeed I was getting a good deal.  A simple search on the internet showed that it wasn’t as good a coupon deal as I thought.   Instead of saving like 40 to 50% on the deal I would be saving about 10% on the coupon.  Still worth it had I really wanted the item but not quite the special it was made out to be.

So my word to all you Groupon users and non users is this.   Groupon can be a great way to save money on items they have but always take the time to check out the offer independently to make sure you are really getting a good deal.

If you haven’t signed up for Groupon, I’d highly recommend that you do so.

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One thought on “Do You Groupon?

  1. I agree with you. Most of the deals on Groupon seem to be good but a few of them are more hype than deal. I’ve bought from Groupon about 10 times and have always been happy with the purchases and have never had any sort of issue redeeming them.

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