How to Get Fast Food Coupons

It seems like it was just yesterday when you could go to Wendy’s, McDonald’s or Burger King and get a meal for two people for under $10 dollars. Nowadays if you go out you are likely to be spending much closer to $15 for two people or if you go to Arby’s, KFC or Popeye’s you are probably going to be closer to $20 bucks!

So how can you save some money on fast food? It’s simple, take advantage of the many fast food coupons that you can get online. One of the best places to find fast food coupons is by either going to the restaurants website online such as or or you can look at using eBay to find Wendy’s coupons, McDonald’s coupons and Burger King coupons. They are almost always there and you can get a good array of these coupons that are breakfast sandwich coupons, lunch coupons and meal deal coupons.

By using these coupons you should be able to save a few bucks and they are happy as they know their coupons work to bring you back in.

If you are using ebay for coupons it’s best to search for an exact phrase such as “Wendy’s Coupons” or “Denny’s Coupons” with quotes as you are more likely to get the exact coupons that you are looking for.

This tip came from one of our readers who is a self professed fast food couponing junkie. (To her I say thanks from her Doctor and the Pharmaceutical industry lol)

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