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Vegas can be a really great town to take a vacation to.  Las Vegas has something for just about everyone.  There are great shows in Vegas like Celine Dion, David Copperfield and a wide variety of permanent acts as well as lots of transient events.  There are also a lot of great things for the kids from Circus Circus to Excalibur for some jousting.

But how do you make Las Vegas affordable with coupons?

There are a lot of ways to get great coupons for Las Vegas.  One of the best is comped coupons from casino’s.  The reality is, they want you to visit Las Vegas because they know more than likely you will leave will less money in your pocket than when you started so they can hardly loose getting you here.

They do this with promotions that happen all the time online and off.  If you search for Las Vegas Coupons you will see a lot of places that are paying to get you coupons, that’s a good sign that couponing is really big in Vegas.

If you have specific places you want to go search for say “Caesar’s Palace Coupons Las Vegas” or you could do “Bellagio Coupons”.  Then spend a little time looking through what is available to fit your needs.  Often Las Vegas coupons are good for off season or on weekdays versus weekends so plan accordingly.

Should You Join Players Clubs

Absolutely!  Players clubs can really rack up some good coupons and discounts for Las Vegas.  If you are going to gamble anyway why not get some perks out of it.   Use it for everything you do from table games to slot machines and the like.

You can get items like free rooms in vegas, free comped cash to spend and free comps to buffets and fine dining in Vegas.

It’s really easy to get these and most places will do this right at the table, just give them your drivers license at the table in Las Vegas and they’ll get you all signed up.

Be sure to check with the players club regularly to see what you have earned.  As a member of their players club they will also send you Las Vegas coupons by mail to get you to come back!

Getting Coupons to Night Life in Las Vegas

One good way to do this is walk around near events that you want a coupon for.  You’ll often find you can get 2 fo 1 coupons to events and nightclubs in Las Vegas being handed out on the street.  It might not save you money if you were already going to go but it might get you 2 people for the price of 1 so you can take a friend and split the cost giving you a 50% savings on Vegas Events and Nightlife.

Getting FREE nights in Las Vagas.

Another good way to get discount coupons or free nights stay in Vegas is to go on a tour of some resort that is selling timeshares.  They will usually give you 2-3 nights stay at a nice casino for free just for watching their spiel.  Of course you do have to commit to spending at least a couple of hours going to visit the place and the sales techniques to get you to buy, but in the end you get free nights stay coupons at some of the top casino’s in Las Vegas.  You can do this probably 3-4 times a year and you’d never run out of places to get free vegas hotel vouchers.

In conclusion the one thing about Las Vegas is that it’s a town that will literally pay you to come and stay with them.  Don’t be afraid to negotiate for the best rates in Las Vegas,  It’s well worth it.

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  1. Thanks for this awesome tip. I just got a trip to vegas for free, or at least mostly free. All I had to do was look at some condo’s. The rest of the time was all mine.

    Appreciate the great tip on coupons in Las Vegas

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