Couponing 10 for 10 sales

One of the things that new couponers can learn to do is take advantage of bulk discounts such as 10 for 10 sales or 3 for 5 etc. Here is an example of that.

At Giant Eagle they have Progresso soup on sale 10 for 10. Knowing those were on sale we looked on ebay for Progresso coupons. We found $1.00 of 4 coupons which we got for a dollar.

So now we bought 12 cans for $12.00 and used 3 coupons bringing that price down to $9.00. So what was regularly $2.69 a can, those 12 cans would have cost 32.28 but with the special and the coupon we saved over 72% on that single buy.

Also you can do that on lesser quantities, they also had Chex cereal on sale 3 for 5. Normally these retail around 3.29. So already the price is down to $1.67 a piece. In looking on ebay for Chex coupons we found $1.00 off 2. So we bought six boxes for $10.00 and used 3 coupons bringing that down to $7.00

So the 6 boxes of Chex Cereal is normally around 19.74 we got the 6 for $7.00. That’s a 65% savings and brings the price per box down to around $1.17 a box.

Extreme shopping isn’t about saving 95% all the time though many people can do that, but making deals you get even better when you can too.

The average shopper who doesn’t use coupons saves nothing. As a new couponer you should be looking at saving 20-30% to start then work your way up. Eventually you will learn coupon cycles and know when to pair up store offers with coupons to maximize your savings.

If you start there you will see a good reduction in the cost of food and household items very quickly. Some items are much easier to save on than others and should be your starting point.

Here are the items I would focus on the most as they are the easiest to do.

1) Body wash – Never buy them until you have at least a buy one get one free, that’s a 50% savings on an item that never really goes bad

2) Laundry Detergent – Look for good coupons such as $2.00 or $3.00 off and couple that with store savings for a really good savings.

3) Dishwashing Soap – Same as Laundry soap, match a good coupon with a good sale. This often works well for items that are new to the market.

Good Luck!

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