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As you probably know from the hit show TLC’s Extreme couponing one of the major methods used to become an extreme couponer is to use a clipping service which will allow you to get a large number of coupons of the same type for a very low cost allowing you to maximize your coupon savings.

What is a coupon clipping service?

Quite simply it’s just a service that does the coupon collecting for you.  For instance if you wanted to get 10 Ruby Tuesday coupons you’d normally need to get ten coupon inserts.   You could easily do this by getting 10 subscriptions to your local paper or you could simply pay someone else to do it for you.  That’s where the clipping service comes into the picture.

Clipping services come into play to allow people to extreme coupon without having to collect massive stockpiles of coupons.   With a coupon clipping service you can buy a certain number of coupons at a set price and they will mail them to you.   So if you wanted to get 30 swiffer coupons because your local store had swiffers on sale at 50% off you can go to the one of many coupon clipping services and get them.  If they had $2.00 off any swiffer sweeper and you got them half off their normal price you’d be getting a excellent value for your couponing effort.

Why Should I Use A Clipping Service vs Buying Extra Newspaper Coupon Inserts?

One reason to do this is that it’s much more cost effective to pay for the coupons you need than to pay for a lot of coupons that you don’t.  Say for instance you had 30 diaper coupons but you don’t have any babies in the house.  The coupon could be a great money saver, just of no use to you.  You still have to pay for the 30 newpapers in order to get 30 coupons.  You might only use a small number of those coupons and not even recover the cost of the papers.

With a clipping service you can buy what you need, when you need it and in bulk quantities.   You might be interested in Tide Coupons on week and later that same week baby formula coupons.   Using these services that’s not a problem.

So where do I find coupon clipping services and how much do they cost?

This is the easy part, our friends at google, yahoo and bing have made it as simple as well . . . clipping a coupon.  Just go into your favorite search engine and type in “Coupon Clipping Services” and you’ll find lots of them.  If you really want to become an extreme couponer you’ll want to get familiar with many clicking services.  Often times you will find coupon clipping services may not have what you are looking for, but if you have 10 or 15 to choose from you might be able to find what you are looking for.

Don’t be afraid to shop around, remember your goal here, you want to become and extreme couponer.  If you aren’t willing to shop for a bargain at a clipping service you’ve come to the wrong place.

List of online coupon clipping services:

Power Couponer – 100’s of coupons for you no handling or shipping fees.

The Coupon Clippers – The nation’s largest online Grocery Coupon clipping service, offering more than a million national-brand coupons at any given time.

The Coupon Carry-Out – Ohio based coupon clipping service with FAST shipping! Order your coupons and start saving money at the grocery today!

7 Coupon Clipping Services – A coupon clipping service clips coupons for you so that you can get multiples of the same coupon easily.

ClippityQ – Coupon clipping service providing original manufacturer grocery coupons and other coupons from the Sunday inserts to save you money on your grocery bill!

Coupon Dede -FASTEST & Largest Selection of clipped coupons you will find! We are the best coupon clipping service in the nation bar none!

The Coupon Master –  Welcome to The Coupon Master (TCM). We are the BEST online grocery coupon clipping service and are here to help you save, save, save!!

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  1. Is there any site that you can do a search and it will search all of the clipping services kind of like how Kayak checks multiple sites for the best deals?

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